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Ways To Ingest Marijuana

Oct 23


Any part of the marijuana plant is able to be used to treat medical conditions of any kind. It's not a method of being high, however, it is an effective method for patients to manage their medical symptoms.


It's the same as cannabis that is legal to use for medical purposes. Medical cannabis has been enhanced with less euphoria producing and more health benefits.


You can use medical marijuana in many ways by obtaining the Missouri medical marijuana card.

Three ways you can use marijuana for medicine are eating it, inhaling the smoke, or rubbing it on the skin.

Ingesting Medical Cannabis

There are many ways to create edible cannabis. You can bake it into cookies or brownies or infuse it into alcohol like soda or even make it into pills like the substances in the slide before. It's often referred to as "edible" medical marijuana when it can be transformed into food or drinks.


The effects of medical marijuana can be delayed when it is ingested. The effects generally take between 30 and 60 minutes to begin. The effects generally peak between two and three hours after they begin. Patients cannot control their dosage because the effects are more difficult to initiate and are more intense after medical marijuana has been consumed.


THC edibles can be combined with butter or oil. They can be found in various forms like cakes, cookies hard candy, cocoa or jerky, and salads.

They can appear as if they are food that does not contain cannabinoids. Therefore, medical professionals must be wary of keeping them away from pets, children or other unsuspecting individuals.

Breathing medical cannabis

The most well-known method for taking cannabis is to smoke it in a roll-paper cigarette also known as a "joint,"), pipe" or in a bong that is water-filtering.


Similar to smoking cigarettes are a variety of risks that come with smoking marijuana. Smokers who regularly smoke marijuana may experience frequently upper respiratory infections, excess mucus, or a common cough. While marijuana smoke contains the same cancer-causing chemical compounds like cigarettes, there have been no studies to show an increased risk of lung cancer in marijuana smokers.


While marijuana smoke can last longer than tobacco smoke (10-15 minutes), it's not recommended and can be dangerous. One study showed no differences in results between two groups that took 20 seconds of marijuana each, a third group who was smoking for 10 seconds, and the third who smoked none at all.


Another way to inhale cannabis is by vaping. Vaping (or vaping) has been shown to decrease the risk of harmful substances. It also causes fewer symptoms than traditional cannabis smoking. A different study found that vaping marijuana causes more ammonia that is toxic than normal, which can trigger asthma and inflame the lungs.

Cannabis topically

The most widely used method to consume medicinal marijuana is to apply it to the skin as a salve, cream, or ointment. Topical cannabis has many advantages over other methods. The skin releases it directly into the bloodstream. This makes it more efficient. Inhalation-related harm can be eliminated too by using cannabis applied topically.

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