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How much does it cost to open an Amazon store?

Nov 8


While opting to start an online business, it must be essential for you to research and look for a platform that can offer you a set of privileges and serve you to carry out your business quickly and conveniently. In addition to this, using the latest and automated account management software like Urtasker can help you manage your accounts made with Amazon for running your E-commerce store smoothly. 

Creating an online store with Amazon could be of great help because it is a vast and trusted platform among people worldwide. You can never stay behind on what is trending now, as Amazon includes the most trending and highly demanded products. It will help you clear your mind regarding what you want to sell and how you will sell it while standing prominently among your competitors. 

Creating store with Amazon:

Amazon proves to be a great platform while creating your e-commerce business. It helps you step by step with an easy guide about creating your Amazon account for incorporating your business. In addition to this, it also helps you with several services provided by Amazon account management services to make your products presentable effectively in front of the viewers. 

To start an online business with Amazon, you just have to create an Amazon account and set it according to your business. Moreover, you will need to enlist all of the products that you want to get displayed on your store’s page. However, if you wonder that numerous stores are selling the same effect, how will yours be visible? No, indeed, to worry! Just make sure to do Amazon listing optimization as it includes the most frequently used keywords relevant to the products you are offering. Moreover, it will also help your products to attract customers and rank above in the search bars of Amazon.

In addition to this, while interacting through these multiple platforms, you can also advertise your products more effectively. Wonder how? Amazon PPC services help you to place ads about your products on various platforms. It creates awareness regarding your products and compels the audience to visit your online store. Moreover, Amazon listing optimization will also be helpful to rank your product up when the customer searches for it.

Cost of Opening a store with Amazon:

While starting to work on an online platform like Amazon, millions of people have chosen to conduct their business activities, you must be wondering that it would cost you a lot, right? Not at all! You just have to create an Amazon account and enlist your products which you are hoping to sell. 

However, when you aim; to become an Amazon Seller, you have to create a Seller Central account that will require a minimum fee during registration. Then you could select your monthly payment plans also. 

Following are some of the basic costs that you will spend to start your online store with Amazon;


  • Inventory Costs:


It is no secret that when we aim to start a business, we have to spend a particular amount of cash on the goods we will sell to the general public. This is typically known as investment. Similarly, when selling your products over a vast platform like Amazon, you need to be careful that you have enough inventory stocked in your storage houses to accept the customer orders.

However, in the start, when you are new to this online world, there is no need to spend too much money on the products. $500 - $1000 will be good enough in the beginning so that you can observe that your products are gathering a good amount of sales or not.


  • Fulfillment Fees:


If you start with minimum capital and do not have much money, you can always work with fulfillment programs like Amazon FBA. It handles all the activities related to the manufacturing, production, shipment, and delivery of your goods to the customers safely.

But you will have to pay a small portion of your earnings to the Amazon FBA for its part. It depends entirely upon the size of your products; the more significant development, the more you have to pay to the FBA. However, a fixed fee from January to September that you will have to pay Amazon FBA for storing your products is $0.68. And from October to December, you will pay $2.40.


  • Monthly Subscription Fees:


While starting an online business, you need to adopt a pricing plan every month from the stated ones. If you are a professional seller and gather more than 40 sales a month, you will have to pay Amazon $40 per month. However, if you cannot sell 40 products in a month, Amazon will charge you $0.99 over per product sold. 


  • Referral Costs:


Moreover, when you sell a product over Amazon, you will have to pay a certain small amount of your earnings to Amazon. It depends upon the size of your product that is being sold. The percentage spent on Amazon could lie between 6% - 20% of your product cost.


  • Supplies Costs:


When you are storing the products of your online store yourself, you must have the cost to spend upon the tools and supplies needed to manage and maintain your products from time to time. 

It could be understood that you have to invest a good amount of cash when you require printers to print the labels of your products and tapes to pack your products and ship them to their desired destination. However, if you are working with Amazon FBA as your supplier, you will not have to pay any of such costs because it will care about all the things relevant to your products.

Amazon account management software like Urtasker would help manage your Amazon account and assist you with how you have to display your products. In addition to this, you can also hire suitable employees who will inform you regarding amazon account management services along with helping you to rank up your store over this vast platform. In short, creating an online store with Amazon could be very helpful to expand your sales worldwide.