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Continuous Glucose Monitors – CGM Sensors


Many people ask the question, what is a Continuous Glucose Monitor? A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) can help you check your glucose levels easily, quickly, and at any time.

The GCM sensor (Continuous Glucose Monitoring system), has gained immense popularity among those who are health and longevity conscious. CGM sensors have a flexible and thin filament that can be inserted just underneath the skin to measure glucose concentrations in real-time.

With a smartphone or a standalone reader, the CGM sensor can be scanned at any time to obtain real-time glucose level readings. The device was initially launched to cater to diabetics and offer an alternative to fingerpricks but is now also widely used among those looking for insight into how their blood glucose counts are affected by their lifestyle choices.

CGM sensors give real-time results, as well as a full overview of your blood glucose levels, and that too while eliminating the need for a fingerstick. Not only does it display your current glucose level, but it also records these readings which can help you monitor any changes.

The quick, easy, and painless monitoring approach helps you efficiently track the impact of stress, fasting, exercise, and diet on your blood glucose levels. These informative readings also assist you in making more informed and educated lifestyle changes. Healthy blood glucose levels keep weight gain at bay and can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Are you currently taking Metformin? If so, CGM sensors can help you determine the best dosage (e.g. you may feel that 1,500mg/day works better than 1,000mg/day). Before making any adjustments to your dose, make sure you discuss this with your primary healthcare provider or physician.