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What You Need To Know About Pest Control

Feb 21

Pests can cause expensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, including homes and business offices. They can also carry diseases that affect human health. In addition, the bites of some pests like bed bugs, cockroaches and mosquitoes can cause severe itching. Pest Control Near Me Plantation eliminate these nuisances and protect people and property.

There are three basic goals in pest control: prevention, suppression, and eradication. Prevention is the most effective strategy, and it involves keeping pests out. This can be done through physical barriers, cultural practices, or biological controls. When preventive measures fail, suppression strategies may be used to reduce the number of pests. Eradication is rarely attempted in outdoor pest situations because it is difficult to achieve. However, it can be a goal in enclosed environments such as in health care, food processing, or office buildings.

Professionals in pest control start with non-chemical methods. If these don’t work, they may use a chemical treatment that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All products used by professional exterminators are screened for their effectiveness and potential side effects. They are typically used in very low doses and often combined with other ingredients to create a more comprehensive approach to pest management.

Pests enter structures to search for the three things they need to survive: food, water and shelter. Thoroughly inspecting a building’s structure and identifying points of entry can help prevent pest infestations. These may include cracks, crevices, gaps, open windows, torn screens and more. Repairing or replacing these elements can help close the holes that pests use to gain access.

Pest control professionals are trained to know how and where pests enter a home or commercial facility. They can then develop a plan to keep them out, so damages, illnesses and other problems don’t occur.

The hot and humid weather in South Florida makes it ideal for pests to be active year-round. A professional pest control service can keep ants, termites, roaches, fleas and spiders from damaging your house and making it unlivable.

While DIY products may seem attractive, they don’t provide the long-term protection that a professional pest control service can offer. Most DIY products focus on killing what’s already there rather than preventing future infestations. These products may be cheaper upfront, but they will need to be repeated over time and will likely be ineffective against new pests that hatch after treatments are applied.

Pest control services think about the big picture. They not only want to kill the pests that are currently in your home, but they also want to make sure they never come back. That’s why a pest control service will take the time to thoroughly inspect your property, determine how the pests got there in the first place and figure out how to stop them from coming back for good. This is what sets them apart from other extermination services. For more information on how to get started with a pest control service, contact the experts at Allclear Pest Control today!