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Effective Ways to Manage Neuropathy

Jan 19

The pain, numbness and other symptoms of neuropathy can be debilitating. Benefits of infrared therapy for neuropathy, there are many effective ways to manage your neuropathy symptoms, including infrared therapy.

Using a safe and drug-free treatment, infrared therapy can stimulate healing, promote nerve recovery and restore sensation in the feet, hands, arms or legs. Unlike opioids, topical creams or other medications, infrared therapy addresses the root causes of your neuropathy and provides long-lasting relief.

Studies indicate that infrared therapy is safe and effective for most people with chronic peripheral neuropathy. The infrared light penetrates deep into the tissue to reach damaged muscles and nerves, stimulating cell regrowth and enhancing blood circulation. This combination of healing processes can help you feel better faster and improve the quality of your life.

Peripheral neuropathy can affect the feet, hands and arms, causing numbness, tingling, burning, or painful pressure sensations. This condition may be caused by diabetes, medication side effects, or a traumatic injury. Often, you will not know the cause of your neuropathy until you are tested by a neurologist and referred to a specialist for treatment.

Infrared therapy can be used in combination with other treatments for neuropathy, but it is particularly beneficial on its own. Aside from its ability to reduce pain, infrared therapy can also increase your energy levels and boost your appetite. As a result, it can help you to eat healthier and maintain a more active lifestyle.

Aside from reducing pain, infrared therapy can improve your range of motion and help you return to normal activities more quickly. It can also reduce inflammation and encourage your body to repair damage.

Studies have shown that infrared therapy can increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy source for cells. When the ATP level is increased, the cells can resume their optimal function and begin to repair the damage.

As the cellular repair process begins, you will experience improved circulation and reduced pain in your body. Infrared light can help increase the production of nitric oxide, which is a powerful vasodilator. This will reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation in your body, improving your overall health and well-being.

The infrared light will penetrate the skin to stimulate nitric oxide production in your body. Nitric oxide will increase blood flow, which will help to alleviate neuropathic pain by delivering the oxygen and nutrients needed to support healing.

Infrared light can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your body, which will support the healing process. This will help your muscles to recover more quickly, and you will experience less neuropathic pain as the healing process continues.

Infrared therapy can be done in your doctor’s office or at home with a personal device. If you want to try infrared therapy for neuropathy, be sure to talk to your doctor about it and choose a device that is specifically designed for this purpose. It is important to use your device according to the instructions that come with it.

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