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IBC Mixer Safe Operation Environment

Dec 16

If you need to mix a wide variety of powder recipes or liquids quickly and efficiently an Ibc anti-contamination mixer is the solution. IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Container and these are used to store or transport bulk liquids, dry or viscous products, the most common size is 275 gallons but can range from 200 to 330 gallons in capacity.

A standard IBC has a 6” bung hole in the center and a 6” lid on top, an agitator can be placed over the IBC bung hole to allow the operator to easily mix and agitate the contents inside the container. These agitators use an efficient process to mix and blend the contents of your IBC tank that is quicker and more cost effective than traditional mixing methods, like using a hand or power screw type mixer or paddle mixer.

The industrial pneumatic IBC tote agitator works by using compressed air or gas that is sent into the tote container through a stainless steel mixing probe mounted on the lid bung hole. This is done in a sequential fashion releasing air pulses that mix and agitate the liquids in your tote tank in a quick and efficient manner. Heavier liquids are forced up to the surface creating a rapid vertical blending action within the container that mixes and agitates faster than conventional mechanical or impeller style tote mixers.

These tote agitators are available in an array of sizes and finishes to match your specific production needs. For example the CTM Column IBC Mixer can fit a variety of tote bins from 50-500 kg in capacity. This allows the user to be filling one tote while another is being mixed reducing the amount of time needed for changeovers and increasing productivity.

Our IBC agitators are made with quality components to ensure your equipment is long-lasting and reliable. This includes a heavy-duty stainless steel base that is bolted to your flanged IBC tote. Depending on the model you choose you can also add an optional fork lift module and a hoist to allow you to easily remove or attach the IBC mixer to your tote.

Another option we offer is our IBC Mixer that is ATEX certified and comes with an ATEX safety switch pre-wired to your control panel for easy integration into your safe operation environment. This mixer features collapsible turbines that fold in and out of the IBC 6 inch bung opening. This makes it the most versatile and powerful IBC tote agitator available.

Our IBC mixers can be combined with our IBC blending systems to provide you with the complete solution for all your mixing and agitating needs. This includes a patented High Shear Cutter that can cut your powders and ingredients to help reduce your overall production costs by cutting down on waste from unusable materials and inefficient cleaning practices. In addition to this, we have a wide array of accessories that can be added to these IBC agitators to enhance their functionality, including a vapor suppression system and a liquid additive system.