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Bounce House Rentals Party Rentals

Jul 28

Combination Bouncer Rentals New Orleans industry is worth $6bn a year. While it took a hit during COVID-19, it is making a strong comeback as social distancing decreases. It is also a great way to promote charity.

It is important to decide on a legal entity for your business. It is recommended to incorporate as an LLC or a C or S corporation. These entities offer various advantages, including limit on personal liability, ease of transfer and separate tax structure.

Water slide rentals

Inflatable water slides are perfect for summer parties. Kids and adults love to climb up the steep incline and slide down into the refreshing water. The best part is that you can get as wet as you want, without worrying about your clothes getting drenched. Most water slide rentals also recycle the water used to prevent waste and regulate your water bill.

You can choose from a variety of double and single lane water slides for rent. There are even some options for a water obstacle course. Most rentals include setup and delivery, but you should always check the requirements before hiring a rental company. You will also need an ample supply of water to keep the slide functional and safe for your guests.

Party Rentals

Bounce houses are a must-have for kids' birthday parties. They provide entertainment for hours on end and are guaranteed to keep the kids happy. However, it is important to remember that safety should always come first. To ensure the safety of all guests, you should follow the bounce house rental company's guidelines and supervise the children at all times.

You can also find inflatable water slides for rent in Houston to add fun and excitement to your party. These unique rentals are ideal for summer time and can be used on any flat surface. They combine the bouncing house fun with water activity fun, making them a perfect addition to any party.

In the party rental business, upselling is a powerful strategy that can help you increase your revenue and customer loyalty. However, it's important to understand your target market and determine what products or services they need. This will allow you to create a more effective marketing plan.

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are the perfect addition to any party or event. Kids of all ages love to jump and play in inflatables, and parents appreciate that bounce houses keep their children active and healthy.

Inflatables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes. Some are designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers, while others are geared towards older children or even adults. Consider the age and size of your guests when choosing an inflatable, as this will help you decide how many to rent.

You should also take into account the amount of space you have available. Larger bounce houses require a lot more room than smaller ones, and you may need to rent more than one to accommodate all of your guests. Also, make sure to measure the height of your ceilings to ensure that the inflatables will fit. If you’re unsure, ask the rental company to provide you with the dimensions of each inflatable.


Inflatable water slides are an excellent addition to any bounce house rental. They can turn any backyard party into a fun-filled water park. They can also be used as a standalone activity for kids who are looking for something a little more exciting than traditional bounce houses.

In addition to being a great business idea, the inflatable slide business is also a good source of revenue. However, it’s important to find the right location and service area for your business. Ideally, you want to target areas with a high concentration of young families and birthday parties.

When choosing your business location, it’s essential to research the competition in your area. Find out their prices, how long they offer rentals, and what type of stock they have. This information will help you sell yourself to potential customers. Additionally, it’s worth considering working a cancellation policy into your agreement with customers. This can be a percentage of the total rental fee, or you may choose to only accept cancellations with 24 or 48 hours’ notice.

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