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Different Ways To Frame A Map For Your Wall

Oct 25

Google Maps will give you turn-by-turn instructions to your location as soon as you type in the address. It's perfect for every trip you take by car, but it's made the printed versions of everyone's favorite navigational tool obsolete. There is, however, some encouraging information. There's no denying that decorative maps are a great, timeless way to give your home a fresh spin (forgive the pun).

We would suggest framing it if it looks that good, of course. More so, it may be motivating to show a location on a map that makes you happy just by looking at it, symbolizes your "happy place," or induces a state of calm. The best way to get motivation to frame a map is to explore examples of map framing from across the globe.

The Use Of Pin-Based Maps

It is not the intent of a pushpin map to remain unchanged while its creator travels across the globe. There are numerous places to seek for them, but one of our favorites is Pick from many different aesthetic options including aged, bright, weathered, and slate to find the one that works best with your interior decor.

In most cases, the cover is the most important part of the frame. They prevent dust, debris, and harmful UV rays from destroying the artwork. A clear or non-glare acrylic coating is standard on all of our frames and maps, making them more comfortable to see in direct sunlight. It's not often that a person wants to be able to reach in and touch the artwork within a frame while it's being mounted. A cover, however, would eliminate the vital interactivity of a pushpin map, since part of the fun is adding to it over time.

Maps With A Scratch-Off Layer

There's a good reason scratch-off maps are so popular right now: they reveal useful information. In the same way that the pushpin maps are engaging, creative, and beautiful, so are these. You can't put pins in the states (or countries) you've already traveled to, but you may wipe them off and reveal a colorful underlayer. One of the nicest features is the ability to alter the map as you go.

Similar to pushpin maps, this one may be scratched off without any protection. Use the "No Cover" option as described above while you continue your journey through life, unless you have no intention of ever leaving your current location.

You may also easily find scratch-off maps. The first scratch-off map was created by the British company Luckies so that tourists could keep track of where they had been. You may also find several customized scratch-off maps on Etsy.

Tailor-Made City Maps Are Available Upon Request

Perhaps, rather of showing a world map, you'd want to focus on a single city that stands for a very formative time in your life. The city where you met the love of your life, the city where you went to college for four years, the city where you were born, or even the city where you now dwell are all viable options.

Whatever kind of city map it is, framing it and hanging it on the wall is a great way to add character to your home. sells personalized prints of your desired location in a rainbow of hues and geometric silhouettes. Create a triptych including three meaningful locations, or experiment with one of our favorite art forms by doing the same.

For a more personalized map, see Each map you make may have its own structure, pattern, and color scheme; you can even add a route you took around the city and symbols representing some of your favorite spots.

Historical Maps Of Your Town

You might also go with some old topographical maps or antique ones. They're so cool it's ridiculous. To avoid seeing the McDonald's that has opened down the street, you may get free printouts of your neighborhood from the library. Another option is to peruse vintage bookstores for maps that show how much your city has grown. The unique qualities and landforms of your hometown shine through on topographical maps.

Keep in mind that a topographical map can be too bulky for our display cases. Removing a cover might help if the map you're framing doesn't have enough depth. If you want to use a pushpin map, follow the steps given above.

Don't let the "imperfections" on these maps deter you. Damages like as holes, spills, and discoloration may add character to your exhibit. You may learn all you need to know about folding and creasing, as well as how to properly use poster frames, by visiting the sites provided by the Learning Center.

Scaled-Up Maps For Wall Display

Framing a poster says "I adore this location!" much as a poster map says "I love this place!" It was audible and unambiguous. If you want to preserve the poster's full artwork on display, you should not mat it (minus 14 inches).

Poster-sized maps are available on a wide variety of websites. When it comes to framing large artifacts, we've got you covered, too. Don't be put off by the seemingly insurmountable task of framing such a vast work of art. Posters and large works of art may be framed properly, and the appropriate framing for your work can be found at the Learning Centers. Large, detailed maps of the United States, Europe, and particular cities are available at All Posters.

Games Involving Unique Maps

Jigsaw puzzles are not only fun to work on, but they also provide beneficial mental stimulation. They help you single-task more effectively and divert your attention away from negative or distracting thoughts.

Why not create a unique puzzle including a scene from a cherished area, like your hometown? Making this is going to be a blast, and when you're done, it's going to look fantastic on your wall.

Concluding Remarks

You may be creative with how you use a map in your home decor. Whether it's a bright global map you picked up from an online store or a detailed map of a special city you discovered in the stacks, a map is a great way to personalize your space.

Take accurate measurements and determine whether a mat board is necessary if you want to frame your own map.

However, you should take the necessary dimensions before purchasing a digital copy from Etsy or anywhere else. Check the frame's measurements against those of the wall on which you want to hang it. Even though your artwork's dimensions will be presented automatically in our online framer, you may double-check them before you put them in your shopping basket by lingering over details next to Art Size.

If you've made it this far, we thank you for taking an interest in our article about map framing.  If you would like more information please feel free to contact The Antiquarium at (713) 622-7531.