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The Top 5 Reasons Your Car Will Not Start

Mar 22


Did you ever get out of your car, climb into the cab and then turn on the ignition only to see the engine stop? You're not alone. As with all kinds of machines automobiles aren't stable. You may be cruising along the highway, then the next, you're in your driveway, totally stationary. While you could be quick to thank the universe for this particular turn of events however, the next course decision is to make a diagnosis. Now it's time for you to determine what has happened to your vehicle in the time between the last time you drove it as well as this. To assist you in getting to bottom of it there are five typical reasons why your car is refusing to start...


1. The Car Battery is Dead

Dead car batteries are a common reason why cars do not leave their engines humming in the garage. The battery in your car is the source of power, supplying electricity to the lights and wipers and the ignition. If the battery's not supplying enough power, the car won't be able provide the necessary surge of power for it to begin.


Your battery may be experiencing issues due to a variety of reasons, including:


The service life of your car battery is over

Your interior lights or headlights were off while the car was turned off

A loose wire

Your car battery terminals have been corroded

Low conductivity due to thermal exposure and internal water

Extreme temperatures

The electricity is draining when the car is turned off this is known as parasitic drain

You shouldn't leave your car parked for extended durations of time

Our Phoenix towing company can help if your car battery is malfunctioning. We'll swiftly drive to you and bring all the required tools tow (puns are not required) for assistance at the roadside, including towing and repair.


2. Weak Ignition Switch

The problem may not be due to the battery, but rather with the ignition switch. Switch on the headlights to see if the problem is related to the battery or the ignition switch. This could be a sign of a problem with the ignition switch.


3. Blocked Fuel Filter

The term "fuel filter" is quite simple. They are responsible in transferring clean fuel into the engine. This is vital to ensure that gasoline can reach the engine, and also prevent your car from starting correctly. To ensure your gasoline stays flowing, it's recommended you switch out your fuel filters every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers. If you are unable to replace your fuel filter, contact a nearby truck company to get assistance.


4. Problems are with Ignition Control Coil Ignition Control Coil

We've already talked about the significance of ignition and battery. But, your car might not start if the ignition isn't working correctly. The ignition coil converts the power of batteries into an electric spark that allows the engine to spark. The engine cannot start if the process is disrupted or the coil has been damaged. Our Phoenix towing company will utilize an instrument to test the ignition coil to determine if it has a weak spark. It's time to change the ignition coil or use induction If the spark is weak.

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5. Problematic Fuel Pump

The fuel pump's ability use gas to burn is an essential part of the combustion process. This pump sends fuel from the gas tank, through the fuel rail, to the injectors. There, it's directed into the engine's cylinder combustion chambers. The fuel pump pumps fuel from the tank to the engine. This aids in the vehicle's get started. Without this system in place the car could end up with a vehicle that's not running or a call to an Azteca Towing company to deliver you to an expert mechanic.

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