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Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases and iPhone 13Pro Max Cases

Jan 18

Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases and iPhone 13Pro Max Cases on YallaCase Dubai

You will need a case to protect the iPhone 13! These are the best iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max cases. Most are MagSafe compliant.

YallaCase Luxury Leather Case
YallaCase Luxury Leather Case


The dimensions of the iPhone 13 range models are almost identical to their iPhone 12 counterparts. However, the new models include notable design changes to both the camera bump on the rear and are slightly thicker overall. The iPhone 13 is less of a redesign than the iPhone 12. However, any design difference can make it impossible to fit an iPhone case from the previous generation. It will mean that your iPhone 13 model will need a new cover, even if it is the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max.

Do I have to get a MagSafe?

All iPhone 13 models include Apple's MagSafe feature. This feature allows for faster wireless charging with compatible chargers. Magsafe wallets mini wallets and different mounts can also be added to the phone magnetically. Apple says the iPhone 13 also has an array magnets (Apple says they are reused) that are embedded around the charging coil, which can draw up to 15 W.

MagSafe accessories can only be used with cases that are equipped with MagSafe. MagSafe symbol is a simple circle with a shorter pipe below. It can be seen on transparent cases. However, it's embedded on inside of the case.

MagSafe compatible accessories are great options if your MagSafe accessory is already in use. You'll find that most cases in this roundup include MagSafe.

MagSafe Cases are more costly


Yes. It's generally about $10 more. MagSafe can be bought for as little as $20. However, most MagSafe cases go up to $30. We often see identical cases from different companies, but they have MagSafe. MagSafe is often sold at $10 more. MagSafe compatibility will likely be more expensive than it seems.

How safe should I make my case?

I like cases that aren’t thick but still offer adequate drop protection. A folio case is better for protecting your screen.

The good news about this is that you don’t have to buy an OtterBox Defender-style protective case for great protection. These cases are usually quite slim and offer at most 6-foot drop protection. For those who only need minimal protection, I included one thin case. Consider the cost of your phone and consider whether you want a thin case. You can protect your iPhone 13's screen with a tempered-glass screen protector. It will prevent scratches and help to safeguard it.

These picks are based largely on positive experiences I have had with different brands on the iPhone 12 and previous models. As new iPhone 13 models arrive, I'll keep this list updated. I have tried to include different styles. The links to these cases go directly to the manufacturer's web site, although the cases should soon be available at Amazonand many other retailers.

iPhone case of the highest quality

Speck brought many iPhone 12 case designs with it, including some of the most popular transparent models, such as the Presidio Perfect-Clear model and Perfect-Clear w/ Grips, and also the Presidio2 Pro (the red one). Speck also offers a grip case with MagSafe that costs $10 more. MagSafe cases offer the ability to attach accessories directly to the case.

All the new models are drop-proof (13 to 16 ft depending on the model) and have Speck Microban antimicrobial defense. The cases start at $40 in a variety color option, but Speck frequently offers a discount for first-time shoppers.

I came across the Pearl translucent cases for iPhone 13 that were selling for around 20 on Amazon. I like the ombre version. However, these don't include MagSafe.

Solid iPhone case starting at $20

Cyrill is Spigen's sister brand. Although they are slightly less expensive, their cases are certainly more stylish. We're linking the Leather Brick case (pictured here in cream; it's faux "vegan"), but the $17 Silicone cases (pictured below in teal) as well as the transparent $17 Celale cases are excellent. The Silicone cover is basically a copy of Apple’s Silicone cases without the MagSafe.

MagSafe cases at an affordable price

MagSafe can be expensive. However, if you're looking for a cheap MagSafe case to protect your iPhone 13 series, Spigen's Ultra Hybrid Mag at around $20 is a great choice. Spigen also sells this case as a non Mag case for around $5 less. They also offer many other iPhone 13 case options. Spigen Mag Armor I tried, but found it to be less durable than the Ultra Hybrid Mag.

Spigen's transparent case offers reasonable protection but no drop rating has been given. Spigen Tough Armor Cases are $17 and offer more protection. I prefer Spigen Ultra Hybrid S cases which have an integrated kickstand.

Be aware that these less expensive clear cases may turn yellow over time, and become less transparent. If this happens, you might be willing to spend a bit more on a replacement case.

MagSafe stand and magSafe case

Moft Case with Stand and Wallet

This is a great option for MagSafe users who want a MagSafe case and MagSafe wallet with stand. Moft is selling this combo for $58 during their pre-Black Friday sale. It's a great deal to get a nice MagSafe wallet/stand accessory with three credit cards storage.

Best slim OtterBox cases

OtterBox Symmetry Series Plus

OtterBox has made a name of itself with the Defender series, a super protective case. But most people today want something less bulky. Symmetry series has slim edges and beveled edges. It is both stylish yet protective. A raised bumper acts to protect your screen.

There are many colors available, including clear. I like the Symmetry Plus Clear MagSafe (pictured here in the middle in red). The Symmetry Plus Pop bag, shown on the right, includes a PopSockets PopGrip. It's also wireless charging-compatible. The Symmetry Series Plus Plus case (in pink), can be ordered in many colors. Also, a MagSafe version is available for $10.

Prices range from $55 to $60. OtterBox provides a discount for new customers on its website.

OtterBox's Commuter cases offer raised bezel coverage, are slimmer and have grips on their backs. I like that model. MagSafe is also available for $10.

MagSafe excellent case

MagSafe is LifeProof

I've been privileged to receive many samples of cases, but this is the one that I love. OtterBox also owns LifeProof. One can certainly see (excuse for the pun!) the influence of LifeProof on the See MagSafe cover. It is arguably cleaner and has better lines than OtterBox Symmetry Series Cases.

There is also a clear version that comes with MagSafe but costs $10 less ($50), though this case is the better option if MagSafe interests you. There are several color options, the model shown here is purple/pink. However, it reads more like Burgundy. The case can withstand drops upto 6.6 feet.

LifeProof also offers the Next ($80), Fri ($100 ), Fre(100 ), Wake ($40) cases. These are great, but I prefer the See for everyday use. All cases have a 6.6-foot drop resistance, although the Next and Fre are more resistant to water and dust than the See.

LifeProof is, like many case-makers, becoming more environmentally-conscious in recent decades. LifeProof's Wave is made with 85% marine-based recycled plastic. LifeProof has other cases made with 45-50% of recycled plastic.

Cases of shiny leather

Nomad's Horween Leather Cases are available for iPhone 13. The Nomad's line of nice Horween leather cases is now available for the iPhone 13. Modern Leather Cases now come in black, brown, and lighter natural colors that I prefer. These cases are protected against drops of up to 10 feet (3m), and have MagSafe. The Modern Leather Folio retails at $80.

The Sport version, priced at $40, is also available. It comes with MagSafe, although it's not a real leather case. However, it looks pretty sleek.

Slim, stylish, protective iPhone case

British case-maker Gear4, now part of Zagg's, makes cases that rival OtterBox & Speck. These cases are lined in D3O shock absorb material by the company, and feature beveled edges. I tried the Santa Cruz Snap (right) and Brooklyn Snap(left), which both have MagSafe-equipped protection and are rated for a drop of 13 feet. There are several other options for cases, some with attractive designs.