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Messianic Jewish Fellowships in Charlotte, NC

Dec 22

We chose Founded in Truth Fellowship as our pick for a Messianic fellowship in Charlotte, NC. Although they have more of a contemporary Christian worship atmosphere, they love Yeshua with all of their hearts and love the Torah as well. If you are seeking a more "Jewish" traditional atmosphere, you may want to explore other Messianic Jewish congregations in Charlotte.
If you'd like to visit Founded in Truth, check out the information below!

Founded In Truth Fellowship
1689 Springsteen Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 627-8623

What is Messianic Judaism?

Messianic Judaism  is a religious sect that tries to blend Judaism and Christianity. This sect believes Jesus, or Yeshua in Aramaic, was the Messiah who died for the world's sins. In addition, they feel that Jewish laws such as Shabbat, holidays, and circumcision must be observed today.

This group dates back to the 19th and early 20th century Hebrew Christian outreach to Jews. Later, Messianic Judaism became widespread, known as “the Jesus people” and finally Jews for Jesus.

Because Messianic Judaism identifies with Jesus, all main Jewish denominations (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist) have rejected it. Messianic Judaism is sometimes considered as a subset of evangelicalism and other times as a distinct sect. The active missionizing in the Jewish community and portraying themselves as Jews have been publicly chastised by Christian officials.

Jewish Ethnic Church
Many promote Messianic Judaism as a Jewish ethnic church, similar to Korean or Chinese churches, but with Jewish outreach. However, most analysts estimate that only around half of Messianic Jewish congregations are born Jews.

Non-Jews who join a Messianic congregation may be invited to convert to Messianic Judaism, but many in the organization feel that conversion is impossible. No Jewish denomination recognizes Messianic Jewish conversions. These non-Jews are also known as spiritual Jews, finished Jews, or Messianic gentiles. Messianic Jewish Fellowship in Charlotte have a mix of Jewish and Gentile heritage but all are there for worship Jesus.

Messianic Jews believe the Old Testament foreshadows and predicts Jesus. Messianic Jews want to keep many of the Torah's rules and commandments and believe they are applicable, at least in modern application, today. Messianic fellowship attendees believe the Sermon on the Mount was Yeshua's reconstitution of the Torah as the greater Moses. This was His Torah Teaching on how to keep the Torah in a way that actually edifies the world and brings witness of God's kingdom crashing into this world. 

For example, Messianic Jews observe biblical holidays like Sukkot and Passover, and relax on Shabbat. But it rejects rabbinic law and the authority of the Mishnah and Talmud.

Missionary Work
Messianic Judaism emphasizes witnessing and missionizing to other Jews. Those who are not saved will spend eternity in hell, according to Messianic Jewish evangelical theology. All Messianic Jews are responsible for bringing others to Yeshua and consequently salvation, and many welcome this position, especially when it comes to Jewish family members. Anger between Messianic and mainstream Jewish communities often stems from this.

When Messianic Jews attempt to reach out to mainstream Jews, they are generally met with hostility and fury. The Jewish community objects to the designation Messianic Judaism because Messianic Jews' messianism is Jesus-centered and thus not Jewish. Many see the term Messianic Judaism as a devious approach to entice Jews who are unaware that they are learning about Christianity.

Jews for Judaism is a leading counter-messianic Jewish evangelistic organization that works to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity for people targeted by Messianic Jews.

Messianic Jewish Groups Today
Israel's Messianic Jewish community is rising, especially near Yad-Hashmona. Many Messianic Jews in Israel are local Israelis who converted as teenagers or adults.

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that Messianic Jews cannot get citizenship in Israel under the Law of Return because the Law forbids the employment of the Law by Jews who freely converted to another faith. It is interesting to note that while the Law of Return is granted to anybody with one Jewish grandmother, Messianic Jews who are not halakhically Jewish (i.e. their mother is not Jewish) are also awarded citizenship.

Traditional Jewish liturgy is often modified and amended to contain allusions to Yeshua. Messianic Jewish services often include dance and use Hebrew. The dances are based on Israeli folk dance.

There are now around 400 Messianic Jewish congregations worldwide, with 10,000-15,000 in Israel and 200,000 in the US. Congregations (synagogues) are located throughout the country, mostly in Jewish areas.