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Tree Trimming San Antonio

Nov 15

Prune Trees Best at the Right Time of the Year

Many people believe that tree pruning is best done during the fall, particularly in areas with four seasons. Some of the larger branches seem to be moving as the brilliant leaves begin to fall. However, this assumption could harm or even kill valuable trees even if they're mature.


Talk to an expert


Good tree care begins with taking inventory of your trees. If you don't know the type of trees in your yard, or if they require tree trimming San Antonio, there are some things you can do.


Andersen suggests that you get free assistance from your local Service. These businesses may have a professional arborist or horticulture staff. They can share their knowledge in the local area, no matter if it's in the country or in large cities. You can locate the closest one by visiting the Land-Grant University Website Directory. Once you have found your state, click the tab to Locate Your Local County Extension Office. Andersen says that their websites are well-designed, and contain tree-related information.


A professional tree service can be hired to inspect the situation. You can also ask them questions about the trees' health, whether they might fall on your home in a storm or any other impending disaster.


The Type of Tree will determine when to prune it.


Normal pruning can be done at any season to remove diseased, infected, dead, or weak branches. To maximize growth and wound closure, it is recommended that pruning be done in the late winter according to the ISA tree-pruning manual.


Pruning wounds can be disease-transmitting. Oak wilt, a disease that affects oak trees specifically, is one example. Each cut can alter a tree's growth. According to Andersen, no branch should ever be cut unless there are good reasons. Try to trim branch collars when pruning.


Homeowners can trim dead branches to make the tree look better and stronger. The homeowners also remove any hazardous branches that could fall on someone or damage the roof in a storm. The process of shaping trees can increase light diffusion and airflow to the crown, as well to the home or garden.


These are the different types of trees that should be pruned.


  • Deciduous


These trees are known as the annual leaf-shedding ones. According to the Wisconsin Horticulture Section of the Extension Service, most deciduous trees should only be pruned in the late fall or winter. The branches are visible and can be seen in their dormant seasons. Insect and disease activity has subsided.


  • Trees in their infancy


Pruning is a way to ensure a tree that is strong and well-formed. Pruning trees properly at a young age will result in less need for trimming. Ask your professionals where to trim the trees, depending on where you live.


  • Subtropic


Tree trimming should be done throughout the year due to Florida's growing climate. Andersen claims that they are constantly repairing damaged tissue and have plenty of sunlight and water throughout the year. She explains that you cannot cut huge limbs every single day. According to industry standards, it is illegal to prune trees that have less than 30% of their live tissue. If you have a large broken branch that has 30% of its leaves, it's done for the season.


  • Trees that bloom


The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture recommends that they be pruned after they have blossomed. Pruning dead or dying branches at any time is a great idea. There may be specific trimming guidelines and requirements for your tree.


  • Trees planted recently


Pruning trees on a regular basis will keep them healthy, safe, and visually stunning throughout their entire lives.

Don't wait until your limbs reach their full size before trimming. Large limbs can cause large wounds which are harder for trees to seal. This leaves them vulnerable to insects and diseases as well as decomposition.

Do not attempt to reduce the size of trees by removing their tops. Topping, also known as trimming, can cause severe damage to your trees.

People have difficulty understanding that we must trim the trees at the tree's pace. Andersen says it is impossible to make something look great in one season.


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